Ash’s Bad Day (The Evil Dead – 1981)

We all have bad days.  Maybe you’ve accidentally knocked your toothbrush into the toilet in the morning.  Or your Mom might have caught you flipping her off when you were 10 years old and then proceeded to get the wooden paddle and chase you down the hallway (just merely a hypothetical example that never happened to the writer of this post – wink wink).  The point is, we’ve all had a bad day or five, and I realized after a recent viewing of Sam Raimi’s 1981 horror classic, The Evil Dead, that Ash really had a shitty day.

*she’s got man hands*

Before he was the wisecracking, chainsaw wielding hero that we would all come to love, he was a bit of a clumsy wimp, even though he would somewhat prevail at the end of the movie.  Ash is made fun of, scared by his party down friend Scott, thrown around the cabin like a rag doll, and spit on by headless blood vomiting demons.  That day where you knocked that toothbrush in the toilet bowl is looking pretty good now, eh?  So anyway, I strung together a “best of” clip to show you just what a shit day Ash really had.  Grab your cup of morning coffee and enjoy this minute and 34 second of Evil Dead badness:

Btw – I decided to do this post because The Evil Dead was fresh on my mind.  I wonder why that could be?  Oh I don’t know – maybe that ridiculously brutal trailer that was unleashed onto us the other day.  April 12th people.  April 12th.