Anticipation Alert: Goodnight Mommy (2015)

Move over Funny Games, it looks like there’s a new Austrian horror film in town!  And it only took about 18 years for it to happen.  It’s true, there isn’t an abundance of horror movies spewing from the republic of Austria – but it looks like they have a winner on their hands with Goodnight Mommy.

Ok, I have no idea what was being said in that trailer, but I do know two things: First, that was one hell of a slap the mother put on that kid.  And second, this movie looks creepy as fuck.  Early word about this one is that it lives up to the hype of the trailer by the way.  Goodnight Mommy revolves around a mother, who is a television personality, that goes in for some plastic surgery and comes home to her two sons “changed”.  You can tell from the trailer that things seem to go a bit awry when she does return, and what’s up with the masks that the kids are wearing?  I’m sure it will all make sense when Goodnight Mommy is finally released here in the US.  And that can’t come soon enough for me!


Horror Movies Can Be Romantic Too…….

The day is finally here.  The day where women everywhere wait on pins and needles for flowers to arrive at work so they can gloat and show them off to those women who didn’t receive flowers.  Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day.  And if you’re single, prepare to drink heavily to forget about the fact that you’re single.  But if you’re a couple, a romantic movie just might be in your future.


Another viewing of The Proposal perhaps?  You know we can’t get enough of that zany Sandra Bullock.  What about having another round of The Notebook for the 867th time?  Ryan Gosselin might get even more dreamy this time.  Nah….fuck all of that.  Fellas, when your significant other isn’t looking, I suggest sneaking to the DVD player and popping in something like 2003’s French horror film, High Tension for some atmosphere.

See?  It’s French!  And the French are known for being romantic.  Speaking of, the original title is Switchblade Romance.  It has ‘romance’ in the title!  What more do you want???  And what a romantic movie it is.  Oh sure, it’s got the occasional guy using a severed head to give himself sexual gratification, but the love that our main character Marie shows for Alexia is like no other.  Forgot to mention the lesbian undertones, but that should only intrigue you more.  Not only that, but it has one of the best throat slits in a movie EVER!  See for yourself below:

Now that’s amore!  Can’t you just feel the warmth in the air?  Careful though, that might actually be some of the blood that came spewing out of that poor woman’s throat in the clip.  High Tension proves that you can have your cake and eat it too.  You want a romantic movie?  Done.  You want a ridiculous gory horror movie?  Done.  The bottom line:  Don’t ignore horror on this holiest of holy days for lovers.  You just might be surprised how much a head being decapitated by a bookcase will set the mood.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Anticipation Alert: In Fear (2013)

Thank god for Rotten Tomatoes.  If you’re not familiar with that website, then you must think that I have strange addiction to smelly, disintegrating vegetables.  Oops, I’m sorry.  I mean fruit.  Or vegetable.  The debate will rage on.  Anyway, thanks to RottenTomatoes.Com for tipping me off to a little British horror flick called, In Fear.


Making festival rounds in 2013, In Fear is at an impressive 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and seems to be a home invasion type movie, substituting a car for the home.  Naturally, I love the poster because it stands out and who wouldn’t love a 100% positive review rating……but what really sold me was the trailer.  So before you leave this post, do yourself a favor and click below and hopefully you’ll be anticipating this one as much as me.  In Fear is scheduled to hit limited theaters (and most likely VOD) on March 7th.

Review: Here Comes The Devil (2013)

Yawn.  Oh, I’m sorry.  How rude of me.  It’s just that I’m a little tired of all of the “possessed/demon” movies as of late.  Wouldn’t it just be nice if someone could put a different spin on the subgenre and give us something new and fresh?  Good news everybody, because someone has done just that.    Continue reading

Anticipation Alert: The Babadook (2014)

How could I not be anticipating a movie called The Babadook?  I mean, seriously.  Try saying the name three times without laughing or smiling.  The Babadook.  The Babadook.  The Babadook.  Ahhhh – but this movie looks like much more than a funny name.

This little Australian gem just had it’s Sundance premiere and is quickly getting big buzz around the horror world.  Set up as a new spin on The Boogeyman storyline, it revolves around a mother dealing with her 6-year-old son who has hallucinations involving a monster straight out of a children’s storybook called, The Babadook.  Obviously, the name grabbed my attention first.  Then the poster grabbed it some more.  But the ultimate grabbing came from the trailer below:

I’m in.  Love the overall tone and it definitely seems as though it will have more than enough creepy moments.  This one is definitely on the radar for 2014, and if I’m ever having a bad day, I’ll just say the name of the movie and everything will be alright.  The Babadook!

Anticipation Alert: Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead

Have you been going through Nazi zombie withdrawals lately?  Good news! The sequel to 2009’s Norwegian underground hit, Dead Snow, is coming.  And to prove that it is, the first teaser trailer has been released to prepare for the movie’s upcoming festival runs.

Now, the teaser doesn’t show a lot of new footage, but it does deliver one hell of a punch.  Literally.  Ok, that was a bad pun, but the bottom line is that I’m looking forward to this sequel because I love me a good Norwegian Zom-Com! Throw in some top-notch practical gore FX and I’m completely sold.  Such a rare breed to find that in a horror movie nowadays by the way.  Stay tuned for more info and buzz on Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead and get ready to have your Nazi zombie craving satisfied!