Random 80’s Videos With Zombies: ‘Jeopardy’ By ‘The Greg Kihn Band’ (1983)

Quick!  What’s the best music video that has zombies in it from the 80’s?!?  Most of you just shouted out Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller‘ which was not only rude, but also incorrect.  Now kindly stop throwing tomatoes at me.  Ok, now that you got that out of your system, I am here to tell you that the answer is definitely ‘Jeopardy‘ by The Greg Kihn Band!

Now before we get onto the feature presentation, let me just tell you that this video is probably one of the reasons I became addicted to MTV in the 80’s.  This one and ‘Legs‘ by ZZ Top of course for obvious reasons.  Is the video dumb with bad acting and bad effects?  Yes.  Is that what makes it amazing though?  Yes and yes.  As an early fan of horror, I was drawn to the horror aspect of it (the skeletons, zombies, giant worm creature, etc) and looking back at it now, it was actually pretty impressive for it’s time.  The video as a whole is basically warning you that marriage sucks btw.  Some fun things to look out for in the video:

*  Greg Kihn’s hair

*  The creepy look on the tall tan guy’s face in the tux at the ceremony

*  The priest’s ‘finger in the hole’ sexual innuendo

*  The best guitar playing with a piece of wood ever

*  The bride looking kinda hot with her Pat Benatar hair

Now enjoy the video for yourself and don’t get married: