Sunday Bloody Sunday: Mother’s Day Edition

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day!  Now, when we’re talking horror and the theme of Mother’s Day, there are really only two movies that are deemed worthy and surprisingly they’re both called Mother’s Day.  First in 1980, we had Charles Kaufman (brother of Troma’s Lloyd) give us his version with hilarious and gross results.  Then in 2010, a loose “remake” was dropped in our lap with the lovely Rebecca De Mornay taking on the role of the psychotic mother.

It’s all about the ‘hammer into the penis’ from the original 1980 version though.  So much so, that I’ve talked about it before on Sunday Bloody Sunday.  But….I didn’t ever show the actual clip!  And the clip is much better than a couple of low quality pictures.  So in honor of Mother’s Day and all of the hard working mothers who deserve a day off to watch a guy get his junk ripped open by a hammer, here it is in all of it’s unrealistic glory: