Lets Have Another Staring Contest…….


Oh no!  It’s Dr. Herbert West from Re-Animator fame!  He has that look in his eyes.  That look that says he will not lose this staring contest.  Keep focused though.  And would it kill you to close your mouth while we’re doing this, Herbert?  Geez.  Drooling all over and shit.  Oh wait – the 1985 version of Barbara Crampton just walked in topless and Herbert looked away!  You win!!!

Sunday Bloody Sunday: Opening Scene From ‘Re-Animator’ (1985)

There’s quite the void of exploding eyeball death scenes in horror movies nowadays.  It’s a sad state of affairs indeed.  The pure joy of watching eyeballs explode out of someone’s head for horror effect produces a permagrin on my face for sure.  So this week on Sunday Bloody Sunday, I jumped into my horror time machine all the way back to 1985.  And I stop off at the memorable opening scene from the undisputed cult classic, Re-Animator.

Poor Hans Gruber.  Not the German terrorist in Die Hard.  But that doctor whose eyes just exploded.  This is the scene that introduced me to a whole other world of horror cinema.  I remember that my Dad had recorded Re-Animator off HBO for me and I was blown away when I watched it the first time as an impressionable 10-year-old.  So many memorable moments and memorable breasts in this movie, but the opening scene where Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) resurrects Dr. Hans Gruber is a big highlight for me. Those glorious exploding eyeballs and great opening credits with that Psycho rip off music.  Soak it in ladies and gentlemen.