Hereditary Stocking Stuffer: The Charlie ‘Decapitated Head’ Puzzle!

The holidays will obviously not be the same this year, and a lot of us will be stuck inside looking for something to do. Screw the Playstation 5, let’s do a puzzle! And what better puzzle to do than one for the decapitated head of poor Charlie from the 2018 movie Hereditary. Yeah, I’m sure the Trolls puzzle was sold out or something.

But yes, A24 Films has recently released a 135 piece puzzle celebrating our favorite ant-ridden severed head from Hereditary. Is it a bit morbid? Yeah, possibly. Is it too young for kids under 10? Depends if you’ve given them the talk that ‘things that happen in movies aren’t real’ or not. But, no – this puzzle is not for kids!

Awwwww, how cute. It even comes in a fancy little tin holder. Let’s state facts though – this is the perfect stocking stuffer for the horror fan in your life, especially if they adore Hereditary as much as I do. So get on over to the A24 site HERE and grab one before they’re gone. Warning: It is not known or proven yet if you can do this puzzle if you have a peanut allergy. Happy Holidays!

Give Me The Creeps: ‘Do-It-Yourself Decapitation’


Ha.  I just realized I wrote ‘ahead’ when I’m about to talk about a decapitation.  But anyway, yes – I will spoil some of Hereditary (my favorite movie of 2018) in this post, so you’ve been warned.

Now, there are numerous parts of this movie that honestly gave me the heebie jeebies (I love that term).  So, needless to say – it’s tough to pick just one for this post.  But……if I had to – it would be Toni Collette’s character Annie performing a ‘self decapitation’ on herself while hovering above her son Peter (Alex Wolff) as he watches in horror.  It’s an unnerving, unsettling, and grotesque image as Annie saws slow at first…..then faster as the blood begins to flow from her neck.

I have to say real quick after watching Hereditary again last night – that I think it’s fantastic, and not just for a horror movie.  And if you think this isn’t a horror movie (yes, there is a debate about that), please feel free to give me some reasons why in the comment section.  If it’s not your cup of tea, I totally respect that.  And if you don’t understand what was happening with the plot, I totally get that too (although a little research could be to your benefit with that).  But, if you think Hereditary isn’t a horror movie……..I just don’t get it.  Ok ok – enough of my slight rant…..let’s get on with the ‘self decapitation’!

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