Review: The Voices (2015)

Everyone hears voices in their head every now and then.  I’m hearing one right now telling me to go get a breakfast burrito, but I’m going to ignore it and keep writing this review.  Unfortunately for actor Ryan Reynolds in the new horror/comedy The Voices, he hears a lot of them and mostly from his pets who appear to be able to physically talk and trade insults with each other as well.  Oh – and some of them also encourage him to murder people.  Looks like my voice telling me to grab a delicious Mexican breakfast treat isn’t so bad after all.   Continue reading

So…..Verne Troyer Is A Killer Garden Gnome

Move over Zombeavers….there’s a new unnecessary, but awesome, horror movie on the block.  I have to caution any of you though if you have Gnomophobia:  The paralyzing fear of garden gnomes.  A new horror/comedy called Gnome Alone…..yes, it’s called Gnome Alone… about to be unleashed on DVD and Digital HD on January 20th and it stars none other than Mini-Me himself, Verne Troyer as a wise-cracking killer garden gnome. 

Well I knew there would be bad puns galore here, but what I wasn’t expecting was to actually be creeped out by Verne Troyer as a garden gnome.  And apparently, creepy garden gnomes love to play tricks like putting chickens in your car.  You kooky gnomey bastards.  For those wondering, the plot for Gnome Alone revolves around a college student who is involved in a bad hit-and-run accident where the dying victim gives her…………oh who gives a shit. It’s a movie about a killer garden gnome.  That’s all that you really need to know.