Great Moments In Jump Scare History: ‘Car Accident’ From ‘Insidious: Chapter 3’ (2015)

Boo!!!!  Ahhh – did you jump?  Probably not unless maybe you’re deaf.  The good ol’ fashioned jump scare.  I can admit it – I’ve had my fair share of moments when I had to check my underwear while watching a horror movie.  They didn’t come up with the phrase ‘scare the shit out of you’ for nothing.  Most jump scares that get me have to do with people lurching out of the shadows or something along those lines.  What usually doesn’t do it for me are car accidents.  That was until Insidious: Chapter 3 came along.  Take a peek below and get your change of underwear ready!

A little harsh with the whole “Come on, lesbo!” line at the beginning.  But anyway – if you hadn’t seen that clip and you didn’t jump when the car accident happened…….then, you sir (or ma’am) are ‘jump scare’ proof.  Obviously the scene was set up for something and I knew that all was not right when Quinn (Stefanie Scott) looks down the road at the creepy figure.  Just wasn’t expecting that damn car!  Anywho – I actually kind of dig Insidious: Chapter 3 (a whole lot more than Chapter 2), and this jump scare is just the cherry on top.  I’m just glad that they’re stopping at Chapter 3 and won’t move on to a Chapter 4……….ummmm – what’s that?  They are making a Chapter 4???  Sonofabitch…….

Great Moments In Jump Scare History: ‘Window Demon’ From ‘Drag Me To Hell’ (2009)

I always seem to forget about Drag Me To Hell.  And every time that I do remember it, another scene pops into my head.  Sorry to say that it isn’t the scene where the toothless gypsy woman gnaws on Christine’s face in the parking garage.  It’s all about jump scares this time, and Drag Me To Hell has one of the best jump scares of all time in the scene below.  There’s even a precursor jump scare to the main jump scare to warm you up a little bit.

I think the reason that the ‘Window Demon’ jump scare works so well is because there is already a sense of chaos established after Christine sees the shadow come under the door.  Things are already ramping up, so when the jump scare happens, it’s effective and mostly because of the intense sound design of the demon’s voice.  If you didn’t jump at all at that moment in the scene, then congratulations to you for being better than everyone else who did jump!  There’s a cake coming in your honor and maybe a stripper too.  I’m writing with sarcasm by the way, so you can’t hold me to those promises.

Great Moments In Jump Scare History: ‘Lawn Work’ From ‘Sinister’ (2012)

Much like the brainless girl who takes her top off and then gets killed minutes later, the jump scare is a necessity in horror cinema.  Sure, it’s a cheap thrill – but that little jolt in my seat can win me over in the end, especially if I’m on the fence about a movie.  It can also make me ponder wearing a diaper, but that’s another embarrassing story.

So many horror movies and so many good jump scares over the years.  But as I was watching 2012’s Sinister last night again, I was reminded of one of the better ones in recent memory.  If you’ve seen Sinister, then you probably know what part I’m talking about.  The creepiest moments of this film are located within the home movies that Ethan Hawke’s character finds while living in his new house.  All of them will make you cringe, but only one has a jump scare worthy of being on the ‘Greatest Moments In Jump Scare History‘ list.  I now present to you:  ‘Lawn Work’