Monday Bloody Monday: ‘Band Saw Head Split’ From ‘Intruder’ (1989)

Do you like 80’s slasher movies?  Do you like lots of gore and creative death scenes in your slasher movies?  Well have I got the movie for you then!  Ok – enough of my special infomercial voice, let’s talk about heads getting cut in half by band saws.  That was an awkward transition.

Welcome to Monday Bloody Monday and this week I am showcasing a little slasher movie with some big names attached.  Ever heard of Bruce Campbell?  Sam Raimi?  Good, then you get a cookie.  In 1989, Raimi’s friend Scott Spiegel directed and wrote Intruder – a slasher about a maniac killing people in a supermarket.  The potatoes weren’t the only thing that was half-off that day.  Case in point, this guy’s head in the clip below that happened to meet an angry band saw.  Still one of the best death scenes ever in my opinion.  Enjoy!

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Band Saw Kill’ And ‘Sam Raimi On A Meat Hook’ From Intruder (1989)

You feel that tingle in your pants?  That can mean one of two things – and one of those things is that it’s time for another edition of Sunday Bloody Sunday! The weekly feature where I applaud your favorite gore scenes in picture form, like the good ol’ days of thumbing through a Fangoria magazine.  This week, I tackle an underrated slasher from 1989 called Intruder.

Directed by Scott Spiegel (co-writer of Evil Dead 2 and personal friend of Sam Raimi), Intruder takes a supermarket setting and a ‘who is the killer among us’ plot and throws in a ton of gore gags courtesy of some early work by the KNB efx crew.  And it’s these gore gags that make this slasher stand out, with the highlight being a band saw kill where a poor bastard has his head literally sawed in half.  So I’m spotlighting that kill this week as well as a bonus kill of director (and actor) Sam Raimi meeting his demise by a meat hook.  Justice served for Spiderman 3.  Enjoy, and if you’ve seen Intruder, feel free to spill your thoughts about it:

*i bet he never ‘saw’ it coming!*


*can a brotha get a hook up?*