Who Remembers The ‘It From The Pit’ Board Game?

With most of us still quarantining or working from home, a good board game is a sure way to cure the blues. And what better game than It From The Pit to get your party started! It’s a family-friendly game from 1992 that involves a giant green, slimy, disgusting monster trying to pull you into his pit of ooze to horribly kill you. Ok, maybe not so family-friendly. Check out the awesome commercial below, including it’s awesome catchy theme song!

Actually, the theme song sounds a little too upbeat considering these poor explorers are getting dragged into this pit of doom and probably suffocating while trying to claw their way back to the top of the pit for some air……..but anyway – this game was released when I was a freshman in high school, so my board game days were a bit behind me (and Playstation games and weed were ahead).

However – now that I’m pushing 44, I kinda want to play it. Problem is, it’s super hard to find in working condition and for a good price (see HERE for example #1). But regardless, It From The Pit is a nice reminder of when things were a bit more fun and laid back. And when games with questionable subject matter were geared towards kids. It From The Pit!!!!