Ebay Find Of The Week: A Prop Slug From 1988’s ‘Slugs’

I’m finding so many random horror memorabilia gems on Ebay that I’m going to start making this a weekly feature now.  And just when you thought that a prop shark tooth from Jaws 3D could not be topped, along comes a prop slug from 1988’s cheesy gorefest, Slugs.


And how much is this slimy rubber sucker going for?  Only $75!  And it comes with a certificate of authenticity AND is guaranteed to have been used in the film.  To be honest, if it was $50 I might bite.  Btw, if you have seen Slugs, the slugs actually have teeth and bite.  Therefore, I had a somewhat clever pun in there.  But anyway, sadly for the seller there are no watchers yet, and only a little over a day left on the listing.  So if it’s been your dream to own a slug from Slugs, get over HERE and get it now!


Ebay Find Of The Day! ‘Jaws 3D’ Prop Tooth

From the channels of Ebay’s darkest regions comes something so rare…..so sought after…..so incredibly not worthy of this build up that only a picture can do it justice.  Feast your eyes on……………A PROP TOOTH FROM JAWS 3D!


Oh sure, at first glance it looks like an ice cream cone with two lopsided scoops.  It’s much more than that though.  This prop tooth was actually used in the mouth of the terrible looking shark from the terrible 1983 sequel, Jaws 3D.  If that’s not enough to get you to plunk down $199.99, then maybe the title for the Ebay listing will:  Jaws 3D used prop tooth rare shark star wars Indiana Jones movie horror action.

Yes, that’s the actual listing title.  Not sure what Indiana Jones and Star Wars have to do with a prop shark tooth from Jaws 3D, but the seller really sounds motivated.  Judge for yourself and bid cautiously right HERE and maybe they’ll throw in a Louis Gossett, Jr. autograph just to make the deal even more sweet.


Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Floating Dead Guy’ From Jaws 3D (1983)

Ok everybody.  This week on Sunday Bloody Sunday, it’s time to put on your cardboard 3D glasses!  We’re venturing into the scary world of Jaws 3D.  Now back in 1983 when I saw this movie, one part freaked me out and it wasn’t the awful shark effects.  It was when that one dead dude popped up in the massive aquarium and scared the shit out of everyone!  Oh the horror…..and oh what a shitty movie this was.  Take a trip down memory lane with me now in picture form and reminisce about a time when 3D movies had dolphins and yo-yos jumping out at the audience:

*award-winning underwater hair*


*drama queens*


*what’s up Toothy?*