Ebay Find Of The Week: ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Shot Glass!

Shots!  Shots!  Shots!  Shots!  Fitting considering it’s Cinco de Mayo and I’m craving tequila.  But anyway, why take a shot out of a boring shot glass that you picked up on your road trip to Nebraska when you can put your lips onto this promotional shot glass from the remake/reboot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?!?


Unfortunately, they weren’t able to coordinate Jessica Biel’s wondrous white tank top into the design of the shot glass, but it’s a shot glass nonetheless.  Some good news is that the seller on eBay has about 10 of these and is accepting offers and is including ‘free shipping’ as well.  So, I’m guessing you could probably snag one for around $5 in total.  If you’re feeling like you need this in your life, then go to the listing HERE and do your business.  Or you can just go to Youtube and look up slow-mo shots of Jessica Biel running around in that white tank top.  Your choice.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Leg Amputation’ From ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ (2003)

This week on Sunday Bloody Sunday, I detour away from Halloween and find poor Leatherface sulking on the side of the road.  Turn that frown upside down my little human face wearer!  You’re getting some shine this week for your handywork on Andy’s leg from the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

Well, I’ll give Andy this – he sure did fight off Leatherface pretty good with that tire iron.  Too bad his brain was stuck on stupid when he ran out of the house though and decided to frolic through the sheets hanging on clothesline.  Why did he decide to do that when he had all of that open running space on both sides?  Well, his stupidity cost him his leg and eventually his life.  What’s not included in the clip is where Leatherface carries Andy down into the basement, throws him up on a hook, then puts a nice chunk of salt on that severed limb.  I’ll admit, that made me wince.  I’m even wincing right now as I think about it.  Quick!  Give me something to take my mind off that horrible, uncomfortable scene!

A Day Late: Texas Chainsaw 3D Sequel Already In The Works?

I’m a day late on this one, but word around the slaughterhouse is that Texas Chainsaw 3D could be getting up to 6 more sequels because of it’s strong 22 million dollar opening weekend.  Here comes my sarcastic yay.  Yay!  No, I haven’t seen the new Leatherface outing.  No, I’m not rushing out to see it. But yes, I will eventually submit my eyes to the mediocre drivel that it most likely is and will be.  Add to that the fact that I already guessed the big “twist”, and you have someone here who will see it purely based on the fact that I’ve seen every TCM entry into the franchise to this day, even the shitty ones.

*ahhh! I forgot sunblock again!*

I get torn on the fact that this movie was number one at the box office this weekend.  I myself, went and finally saw Django Unchained which was way more satisfying than seeing a shirtless Trey Songs run away from our favorite human skin mask wearing villain.  I love that a horror movie, no matter what it is, can take the top spot on any given week.  But I hate that it has to be a movie that really seems it was made “just because” and doesn’t seem to have any kind of soul or passion behind it at all (the Nightmare On Elm Street remake always comes to mind when I type something like this).  I applaud a horror movie getting some shine, but I boo loudly at the same time when it really doesn’t deserve it.  I think I know what we all need here to bring us up from this Texas Chainsaw low.  Cue up the pic!