Ebay Find Of The Week: ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Shot Glass!

Shots!  Shots!  Shots!  Shots!  Fitting considering it’s Cinco de Mayo and I’m craving tequila.  But anyway, why take a shot out of a boring shot glass that you picked up on your road trip to Nebraska when you can put your lips onto this promotional shot glass from the remake/reboot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?!?


Unfortunately, they weren’t able to coordinate Jessica Biel’s wondrous white tank top into the design of the shot glass, but it’s a shot glass nonetheless.  Some good news is that the seller on eBay has about 10 of these and is accepting offers and is including ‘free shipping’ as well.  So, I’m guessing you could probably snag one for around $5 in total.  If you’re feeling like you need this in your life, then go to the listing HERE and do your business.  Or you can just go to Youtube and look up slow-mo shots of Jessica Biel running around in that white tank top.  Your choice.

News: Texas Chainsaw 3D Trailer Hits Online – Does It Cut It?

Ok boys and girls, run and put your human skin masks on and gather round the computer because the new trailer for Texas Chainsaw 3D is here!  Ok, ready?  Here it is!

Ok – what the hell was that?  Now granted, it’s just a trailer and maybe my now lowered expectations will turn out to be a blessing in human skin mask disguise when I see the finished product in theaters.  But I have to say, that looks like it has ‘straight to DVD stinker’ written all over it.   Continue reading