Poster Alert: UK Quad For ‘Maniac’ Is……Pretty?

Aside from my much talked about cinematic “hard on” for the upcoming Evil Dead flick, the other movie that has me on the rise is the upcoming Maniac remake.  I’ve heard nothing but good things, and word on the street is that Frodo (Elijah Wood) actually pulls off the role of the psychotic Frank, which had already achieved cult status by Joe Spinell in the original 1980 film.  Hot off the press to support the new version, is a UK poster that is definitely eye-catching to say the least.  Looking like it took some influence from 2011’s Drive with it’s color scheme, I love the contrast here between beautiful and unsettling.

Now, Maniac was one of those films that stuck with you after you watched it, mostly because of the graphic Tom Savini assisted violence and for Spinell’s ‘descent into madness’ performance.  And to me, it’s the perfect 80’s horror movie that should be remade because I don’t consider it a “classic” and the rule should always be when you’re dealing with remakes, that classics should not be remade!  No official word on a release date yet, but it better be soon. It’s never too soon for some good scalpings!  (the writer sincerely hopes you get the reference and don’t think he’s some kind of sicko or something)