Duh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh…….Christine Is Back! In A Short Music Video That Is.

FYI – that was my attempt in the title for this post at the song ‘Bad To The Bone’.  But yes, John Carpenter himself has resurrected the killer car Christine for a pretty sweet music video that’s promoting his new Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998 project being released on October 20th.  Carpenter directed a new music video that showcases not only the sexy vehicle named Christine, but also a re-working of the title theme from the movie. Oh and there’s a pretty hot girl (Rita Volk) in the video as well.  And a surprise at the end too!

I for one, have always thought that Christine was one of the better Stephen King book adaptations.  Great characters.  Great soundtrack.  Great score.  And great directing from the legend himself.  And how about Buddy Repperton’s hair???  Carpenter will be taking his band on the road soon to promote the new album, and I for one get to see him on Halloween night in Hollywood.  That’s right, HALLOWEEN NIGHT!  Check out the Christine-inspired video below and go grab tickets for the tour if it’s hitting your town!

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘The Death Of Moochie’ From John Carpenter’s ‘Christine’ (1983)

We need more people named Moochie in horror movies.  I know that’s a random pleading, but my mind is pretty much always set on random.  In 1983, we were granted a Moochie in the John Carpenter movie version of Stephen King’s killer car novel, Christine, and he gets his shine on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday.

It’s always entertaining when chubby people people in horror movies try and run away from the killer.  In this case, the killer runs on regular unleaded and ends up backing our portly friend here up against a wall.  Now, had Moochie lost a couple of pounds, he may have been able to just jump up on top of Christine and break away to his freedom.  But alas, he didn’t lose those pounds and has a switchblade as his only defense.  Needless to say, it doesn’t end well for the chunky Moochie, so watch the clip below to see his unfortunate demise.