The Wilford Brimley Clip Of The Day!

Treasured actor Wilford Brimley is basically known for two things:  Oatmeal and Diabetes.  Those are both terrible in their own right, but what I will always remember Mr. Brimley for is the amazing tirade he threw in John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Damn, he went off!  Swinging that axe like a lumberjack and shooting that pistol like he was in the Old Wild West.  Not a bad pistol throw at the end out of desperation either.  I love this movie and every time this scene comes up, I can’t help but laugh.  I also can’t help but feel very sad though as well……and do you know why?  Because in this movie, Wilford Brimley was CLEAN SHAVEN!  Oh the horror…..and a travesty for sure.  Nowhere in sight is his iconic flavor savor that would later go on to have him compared to cats until the day he died.  RIP Wilford Brimley.  Oh….he’s not dead?  Hooray!!!  Let’s celebrate by looking at one of those cat look-a-like pictures then!


Give Me The Creeps: ‘The Bicycle Scene’ From ‘In The Mouth Of Madness’ (1994)

Are you scared of creepy old guys who ride by on bicycles that have playing cards in the spokes?  Ok, good.  I thought it was just me.  And I have John Carpenter’s nonsensical, but somewhat enjoyable, 1994 movie In The Mouth Of Madness to thank for that fear.

Sure, this movie has it’s problems.  But dammit if John Carpenter doesn’t always know how to send those chills up and down your spine even when a bad Halloween mask effect is the focal point.  In The Mouth Of Madness has a lot of creepy ass moments, but the one that takes the delicious heavily frosted cake is easily the scene where Linda (Julie Carmen) and John (Sam Neil) are driving down the road and encounter our bike-pedaling friend.  Watch the clip below and if you haven’t seen it, I apologize for making you sleep with a nightlight on tonight:

I can’t get out….it won’t let me out.”  Shudder.  I want a duplicate of that mask by the way just so I can scare the shit out of my wife.  Yes, I can be cruel at times.  This is classic John Carpenter by the way and I would have actually loved to see a spin-off movie with this character just popping up in background shots a la Michael Myers.  Personally, it’s moments like these in horror that really tend to stick with me.  The scene is fairly simple, but that’s what makes it brilliant as far as going for that creep-out effect.  Bravo, Mr. Carpenter.  Ok, I’ll leave you now with a pic to make you grab an extra nightlight.


Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Elderly Babysitter Death’ From ‘The Fog’ (1980)

There’s nothing worse than watching an old person bite the dust in a horror movie.  Well, there might be worse things actually, but old people dying in horror movies can really put a damper on an otherwise good day.  So on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, I’m paying tribute in a way to our favorite elderly babysitter from John Carpenter’s underrated classic, The Fog.  That’s right, come on up to the podium and say a few words, Mrs. Kobritz!

Ahhh, that’s right.  She can’t come up and say a few words because she got hacked to death by a bunch of zombie ghost pirates.  We can however, honor her memory and remember her for the brave, yet somewhat stupid, babysitter that she was.  Only out to protect Andy as she shooed him away to his room after a knock at the door, Mrs. Kobritz took her final steps out into the dense fog before being pounced on by the zombie ghost pirates.  Going out like a true babysitter soldier, Mrs. Kobritz will forever be a bright light in The Fog.  (cue up “Wing Beneath My Wings”)

Required Viewing For Halloween: Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (1982)

Here we go.  The Halloween movie that everyone either loves or loves to hate. Halloween III:  Season Of The Witch came out in 1982, but with one small omission. There was no Michael Myers.  What?!!  Blasphemy!!  That’s right kids, no Michael Myers.  Instead, he would be replaced by an evil mastermind of a Halloween mask company called Silver Shamrock who planned on killing millions of kids on Halloween night by placing pieces of a stolen Stonehenge boulder into their Halloween masks! This stuff just writes itself.  Panned by critics as well as fueling outrage from the faithful Halloween moviegoers, this entry into the franchise did poorly at the box office, but slowly started to develop a much deserved cult following.

*jazz hands!*

Yes, I am on the one side of the electric fence that feels that this movie is a guilty pleasure, especially around Halloween time and I’ll gladly burn at the stake for thinking that.   Continue reading

Check Out These Mondo Posters For A Special ‘Halloween’ Screening In LA!

Never before would I have thought that I would use the word “beautiful” in connection with Michael Myers.  But thanks to another amazing product from Mondo, such is the case today.  In correspondence with a special 35MM screening of John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween at the New Beverly Cinema in LA, Mondo artist Ken Taylor has released two special posters for the event.  Check them out below in all of their artistic horror glory:

The good news?  You can look at these posters here.  The bad news?  You can’t really get your hands on one unless you buy the VIP tickets for the event for $500 or bid on Ebay once somebody tries to flip it and make $1000.  This special screening of Halloween on October 27th at the New Beverly Cinema in LA will have John Carpenter in attendance and is part of a special Debra Hill Film Festival.  All proceeds from the festival will benefit the late producer’s foundation.  Regular seats are sold out, but a few VIP tix are still available here!

The Shitty Michael Myers Halloween Mask Gallery

Tis the season for all of you kiddies and grown up kiddies to gather up your hard earned cash and pick up your best Michael Myers mask this year for Halloween.  Will you go the old school route and grab one based off of the John Carpenter classic?  Or will you delve deep into your pockets and support the Rob Zombie remake in mask form (one of the only redeeming qualities of that franchise unfortunately).  But before you do that, look inside this post and buyer beware!!    Continue reading

Horror What Ifs: Action Figures For John Carpenter’s The Thing!

In your own horror filled world, have you ever had a case of the “what ifs”? Like, what if Freddy Krueger released an album where he rapped over embarrassingly awful hip hop beats?  Oh wait…sadly that did become a reality. But a better case of the what ifs would be:  what if they released action figures around the time that John Carpenter’s The Thing came out in 1982?  Why not right?  They released Aliens action figures. And if William “The Refrigerator” Perry had an action figure, why couldn’t R.J. MacReady get his own?

*looks like he did actually come here to start some trouble*

Well, someone out there has made our make believe dreams come true, because a video popped up on Youtube giving all of The Thing fanboys an early little Christmas (or Hanukkah for my Jewish readers) present!  Yes, it’s a fake commercial for some action figures from the John Carpenter masterpiece. And yes, that’s the Splatterhouse video game music (awesome second choice btw) instead of the actual music from the movie.  But nonetheless, it’s pretty awesome!  Oh how I would have loved to get my hands on a Wilfred Brimley action figure when I was 5 years old…..but enough about my adolescent action figure fantasies.  Check out the clip below!

We can only hope after watching, that there will be more of these fake action figure commercials coming soon.  How about one for Highlander?  Or maybe Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo?  Whatever comes next, I think we’re all thinking the same thing. Just please….for the love of God….no action figures for the 2011 awful remake/prequel for The Thing.  Unless of course they start introducing crappy CGI into the action figure market.  Zing!

*c’mon guy in the bottom right – fold your arms and look concerned too*