New Trailer: Silent Hill Revelation – 3D (oooooh 3D!)

Yesterday (sorry I’m a day behind), the new trailer for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D popped up online.  It’s the sequel to the 2006 opener, Silent Hill.  And just like that one, it looks like the acting is going to be horrible!  Yay!  Seriously, nothing against the lead girl Adelaide Clemens (sidebar:  I haven’t heard the name Adelaide since Different Strokes’ second housekeeper), but we’re in some pretty bad acting territory here.  And come on Jon Snow!  What happened to your bastard son acting chops on Game Of Thrones??! Ugh – at least Sean Bean is there, but he probably just gets killed off quickly just like in Game Of Thrones (oops!  Spoiler Alert!)

All that aside, it looks like it has the same going for it that the first one did – some good visuals and some sexy no face nurses (and Pyramid Head is pretty bad ass).  At least the franchise is somewhat sticking to the script of the video game, unlike the abomination that we call Resident Evil (can’t go wrong with zombie Mike Epps though). So check out the trailer below and sound off if you want.  Speaking of sound – gotta admit that the siren is pretty creepy and was well played in the first movie too.  Be sure to check out the Silent Hill maze at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights this year – looking waaaaay more forward to that than this movie (sorry Silent Hill movie enthusiasts).