5 Observations From Tim Ritter’s ‘Killing Spree’ Trailer (1987)

Sometimes you have to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the glory of cheesy 80’s horror movies.  Luckily for us, writer/director Tim Ritter (not sure if he’s any relation to John) kept us fat and happy with a smorgasbord of delicious offerings like the ‘I have no words for this’ movie Truth Or Dare in 1986, and his ‘I’m no one trick pony’ follow-up in 1987…..Killing Spree!

Speaking of the aforementioned, if you’ve never seen the trailer for it – then we’re going to play a fun game where we watch it together and then give five observations afterward. Ready?  Roll it!

1.  A title card is always more effective when you have blood dripping down it. 

2.  The actor playing the killer deserved an Oscar for his laugh alone. 

3.  The giant-lipped woman will give me nightmares and also gives new meaning to the term ‘DSLs’.

4.  Clearly that’s a fake head at :52 in.  Oh, and that’s the best fake head throw ever.

5.  A ceiling fan can’t really chop the top of your head off.  Completely inaccurate. 

Well those were my five observations.  What are yours?  Don’t be shy.  Ok great – those are all spectacular.  Good job!  An honorable mention observation for me would be the amazing synthy 80’s score.  And do I have good news for you if you’re feeling what I felt with the music because for the first time ever, you can grab the soundtrack on vinyl right HERE!  Little films like Killing Spree can go a long way, so seek it out if you want to time travel back to the 80’s and take all of the nasty goodness in.