Just Another Metal Monday: Slipknot ‘The Devil In I’ Music Video

Haven’t done this post in a while, and what better way to kick it back off than with the new horror imagery filled video from Slipknot called ‘The Devil In I‘:

While I don’t like this particular song better than the band’s first single, ‘The Negative One‘, off the upcoming album .5: The Gray Chapter, I definitely don’t hate it and honestly love the video from a horror fan’s standpoint.  We get red sheeted ghosts, creepy crows, the essential biting off of appendages, a face peeling that would make Poltergeist proud, and a disco ball!  The obvious underlying symbolism is that Slipknot is going through a transformation based off of events that have happened in the past few years, complete with some impressive new masks to round that transformation out.

Aside from seeing everything in the video for ‘The Devil In I‘, you can witness the new look and hear the new album (out October 21st on Roadrunner Records) on Slipknot’s new upcoming tour – kicking off in San Bernardino, CA on October 25th and 26th for the band’s amazing Knotfest festival.  For the full lineup of Knotfest and info on how to grab some last minute tickets, go click HERE now!


Slipknot Bringing It’s ‘KnotFest’ Festival To Southern California In October!

Have you ever wanted to pet a goat while downing a cup of beer and listening to some of the best metal bands in the world all at the same time?  Random question, I know.  But if you live near Southern California, you can actually do just that at the end of October this year thanks to Slipknot!


That’s right – it’s Slipknot’s 2nd Annual KnotFest Music Festival coming to San Bernardino, California on October 24-25-26 and presale tickets are actually on sale now!  More than 60 bands will be on separate stages throughout the three days, with the headliner of course being Slipknot who will be performing two different sets on October 25th & 26th and will include new material from their upcoming album.  Speaking of that, if you order tickets through Ticketmaster HERE, you will automatically receive a digital download for the new Slipknot album when it’s released.

Oh, but this festival is about much more than the music.  All around the grounds, there will be more than enough activities to keep you busy.  Have you always wanted to see an actual Thunderdome where 2 fighters go in, but only one comes out?  There will be a Thunderdome there!  Do you like goats? There will be a goat petting zoo!  In addition to all of that, there will also be:  a Slipknot museum that fans can walk through, a Ring Of Fire carnival ride, tattoo parlors, flaming carnival games, a zipline across the festival, and my personal favorite – a junk car drum circle where you can beat the shit out of cars with lead pipes.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sold and if you want to get more info and see everything that KnotFest has to offer – head over to the official site HERE and get those tickets!