Urine Trouble: Omar Epps In ‘Scream 2’ (1997)

Public bathrooms can sure be uncomfortable.  Especially those horse trough-style ones that usually appear in old baseball stadiums where you have to pee alongside strangers which can sometime get a little too close.  But none are more uncomfortable than a bathroom where a bunch of people dressed up like Ghostface from the Scream movies occupy the standup urinals, forcing you to use a smelly stall.

If you’ve seen Scream 2, then you know two things.  One:  it has a ridiculous ending where the lesbian sister from the old TV show Roseanne is the killer. Two:  it has a pretty effective opening sequence involving actor Omar Epps in the aforementioned Ghostface occupied bathroom (and also a nifty pre-opening credits death of Jada Pinkett).  We’re talking piss here though since the title of this ongoing feature is ‘Urine Trouble‘, and Omar Epps found himself in quite the pickle when he decided to eavesdrop on the stall next to him.  Speaking of pickles, why does he look like he starts to actually pee and then stops?  That shit stings when you do that.

Who’s got the juice now, Q?  Sorry – wrong Omar Epps 90’s movie reference there.  But yeah, Omar took a knife to the skull and tragically never got to release his bladder.  He may have pissed himself though while he laid bleeding on the floor, so at least there’s the prospect of that.  I dug Scream 2 for the most part, pretty much up until that big killer “reveal” at the end.  So in honor of that, let’s finish this post off with a pic of Laurie Metcalf attempting to do her best Pamela Voorhees impersonation with a gun instead of a machete.