Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘That Kid On The Bike’ From ‘The Toxic Avenger’ (1984)

“Hi.  My name is Tony, and I’m a Troma-holic.”

“Hi, Tony!!!!” (other Troma-holics)

For those unaware, I’ve been a fan of Lloyd Kaufman and his Troma universe since day one, and I’m a proud Tromite!  So today on Sunday Bloody Sunday, I’m taking it back to when Troma became a household name in 1984 with the b-movie to end all b-movies…..The Toxic Avenger.

Let’s skip the foreplay and just get on with the kid on the bike getting his head run over by a car courtesy of bully Bozo and his cronies.  And if you haven’t seen this movie…..for shame!  Yeah, I’m talking to YOU.

Melvin From ‘The Toxic Avenger’ Needs Your Help!

I’ve mentioned before what a huge fan I am of Troma movies and in particular the granddaddy of them all:  The Toxic Avenger.  So if you’ve ever wondered what happened to the actor who played Melvin, our favorite little tutu wearing nerd who transformed into a hideous toxic crime fighter, you’re in luck!  Mark Torgl has teamed up with director Joe Nardelli to document in mockumentary form what his life is like now, 30 years after he was mopping the gym floors on the big B-movie screen.  And they’re calling it:  Toxic Tutu


The duo and crew are looking to raise some last minute cash to film the big Troma-influenced finale and only have about 11 days left to do so.  Taking their cause to Indigogo to help out the project is good news for you, because all donation amounts will get you a little something!  Everything from autographs to associate producer credits.  And no amount is too small at this point, so head over to the project page HERE and donate whatever you can and watch the teaser trailer while you’re at it!