Review: Los Angeles Comic Con 2022!

Another year, another Los Angeles Comic Con! And this time there were hobbits (Elijah Wood & Sean Astin), amazing vendors, amazing cosplay, and the amazing William Shatner! Typing that name made me think of the old SNL Star Trek convention skit. But anyway, L.A. Comic Con is one of my favorite conventions to frequent….and me being a huge horror fan, I can even have my ‘horror bone’ tickled when I go! Apologies if you have a fear of eyeballs….

Besides randomly seeing Billy Zane, one of my favorite pastimes of going to L.A. Comic Con is gawking at all of the wonderfully ingenious costumes and cosplay. Especially since I would fail terribly if I ever tried to put together a costume on my own. This year was no exception (the cosplay at the convention, not me being costume constructing challenged), as there were some amazing visuals and also some visuals that might give you nightmares (see below).

All in all….L.A. Comic Con brought together a lot of genres, styles, people, fun, William Shatners, and more! It’s already been announced that next year in 2023 it will be back December 1-3, so feel free to go HERE for all of the latest updates leading up to then. And maybe I’ll actually give some cosplay a go so I can possibly give people some nightmares. Anything I can do to help……

Review: 2021’s Los Angeles Comic Con!

Another convention! Woohoo! Take that, Omicron! But anyway – yes, conventions do get me a wee bit excited. And this past weekend I was lucky enough to attend Los Angeles Comic Con again. Now, I am more partial to horror conventions – but what makes Los Angeles Comic Con so amazing is that it is out of my comfort zone a little, and I absolutely LOVE seeing all of the inventive cosplaying. But fear not fellow horror lovers! There was still plenty of horror-themed vendors, cosplayers, and celebrities. The almighty Bruce Campbell counts as a horror celebrity, right?

Not Bruce Campbell.

Speaking of Bruce, he did a fun Q&A session on the main stage – where we all learned that he hates candy corn and he also let us know that his Evil Dead character Ash will NEVER be returning in any form in the future (sad trombone sound effect). In addition to Mr. Campbell – there were tons of panels throughout the day (Boy Meets World, anyone?) and TONS of aforementioned cosplaying (especially towards the middle of the day).

I didn’t make it to the gaming rooms unfortunately, or get to sit in the super fun Star Trek chairs. And my only other regret was not realizing there were food trucks and booze outside until it was a bit too late (more sad trombone sound effects). All in all, Los Angeles Comic Con was a blast and I can’t wait to see what they do next year! Perhaps I’ll do my own cosplay and go as superstar wrestler Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine or something.

Also not Bruce Campbell.

‘L.A. Comic Con’ Coming To Los Angeles October 11th – 13th!

Cosplayers!  A Hellboy reunion!  A reunion of The Office cast!

That must mean one thing  – – –  L.A. Comic Con is back and better than ever this year!  Is it bad that I’m already in line to meet Creed from The Office?  But anyway, yes – one of my favorite conventions is almost upon us and will be officially upon us October 11th – 13th at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown LA.


Aside from the reunions I already mentioned, L.A. Comic Con will feature tons of booths where you can buy amazing merchandise, artwork, and more!  And did I mention the cosplayers?  Oh yeah – I already did.  But I’ll mention it again because it’s always a highlight and makes me wish that I could be that creative with a costume (sad face).

On Saturday, be sure to stop by and meet Elijah Wood!  What?!?  Yes – Frodo (or that guy from the Maniac remake that scalped women) will be in the house signing autographs and taking selfies with you! (for a nominal fee, that is)  You can find all of the info for the convention HERE, including how to get tickets and how to pre-purchase autograph and picture passes.  See you there!