Here’s A Halloween Treat: Battle Royale/Halloween Mash Up Vid!

Not sure what more I could ask for when my favorite horror movie of all time, Halloween, is suddenly mashed up with one of my favorite movies in the last 20 years, Battle Royale.  And seeing that it’s the Halloween season, I was indeed given a treat this morning when this video popped up courtesy of Lucha Gore Productions. Incorporating female characters from Battle Royale with Michael Myers and the ‘walk home from school’ scene from Halloween, this vid is a great homage to both movies, and even has a little bit of Grindhouse/Death Proof thrown in there too (always love hearing “Chick Magnet”).  Check out the spoofy greatness below:

Aside from the fact that they could have gotten a better Michael Myers mask (hard to come by though nowadays), this little video short hit the right spot and made me want to go home and watch both Halloween and Battle Royale, so mission accomplished!

*and you thought broccoli tasted bad :-/*