There Will Be Blood…..In The New ‘Dig You A Hole’ Video From Supergroup TERROR UNIVERSAL!

I’m very fond of any musical group that incorporates horror either into their music, music videos, or stage shows.  So, it comes as no surprise that I’m completely onboard with the new metal supergroup TERROR UNIVERSAL.  Why a supergroup, you ask?  Well because they are comprised of members from well known metal outfits like Ill Niño, Soulfly, Machine Head, and Upon A Burning Body.  And did I mention the horror?  Oh, the horror! The horror that’s in their new video for the song ‘Dig You A Hole’ is outstanding.  Let’s watch:

Blood, blood, and more blood….some creepy ass masks….pummeling guitar riffs….and some more blood.  All of that adds up to an impressive start for TERROR UNIVERSAL, who’s new album Make Them Bleed is being unleashed on January 19th.  Want to preorder it?  Then head on over HERE and check out all of the different goodies you can also order in the process of getting the album.  And of course there’s some ‘blood splattered’ vinyl for you to grab too!