Let’s All Reminisce And Watch Gene Siskel Get Really Angry About ‘My Bloody Valentine’ (1981)

Oh man – nothing got ol’ Gene Siskel riled up more than those damn 80’s slasher movies! And he was fired up and fuming over our favorite Valentine’s Day themed horror movie, My Bloody Valentine back in 1981.

I always just have to chuckle when Siskel & Ebert would review horror movies. At least they acknowledged that Halloween was good in this review, and I admire Roger for even mentioning New Year’s Evil – but geez were they a couple of Grumpy Guses. The funny thing is, I had just watched a review they did for Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer and they loved it! Granted, it’s a much better film than My Bloody Valentine – but two completely different styles obviously. Don’t listen to Ebenezer Siskel though, folks – you go watch My Bloody Valentine by yourself or with your significant other next month, and you cheer on Harry Warden while he murders those kids that look like they’re in their 30’s! It’s what any 80’s slasher movie would want you to do.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Shovel Face’ From ‘My Bloody Valentine 3D’ (2009)

Ahhhhh, it’s Valentine’s Day.  That fake holiday where guys are supposed to be scared into buying flowers and candy.  Oh – those were my inside thoughts talking.  Sorry.  I mean it’s a lovely day where you spend a joyous experience with the one you love and care about so much!  Now let’s talk about a girl getting her head sliced in half by a shovel.

Welcome to Sunday Bloody Sunday – the special Valentine’s Day edition!  And nothing says horror and Valentine’s Day like My Bloody Valentine.  Yes, the original 1981 version is an underground slasher classic in my book, but I’m spotlighting a scene from the ambitious and pretty entertaining 2009 remake.  Brandi didn’t last long in the movie, but she did have a great death scene involving a shovel shoved into her face.  Peep the clip below and enjoy your Valentine’s Day, lovers!