Great Moments In Horror Hair History: Taryn’s Mohawk From ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors’ (1987)

Quick confession:  I had a major crush on Taryn from A Nightmare On Elm Street: Dream Warrior back in 1987.  I’m sure I wasn’t alone, but it was mostly due to her on-screen transformation from ‘Regular Tayrn’ into ‘Badass Sexy Knife-Wielding Mohawk Taryn’.


The knives do look a little wimpy, but feast your eyes on that damn mohawk! Nothing can upstage some leather studs and wimpy knives more than an 8-inch hair erection.  When Taryn wasn’t abusing drugs, she was playing fantasy time with the other Dream Warriors and proclaiming that in her dreams, she’s beautiful……and bad!

Unfortunately for Taryn, she wasn’t bad enough and was no match for Freddy and his syringe fingers.  Maybe she should have worried more about her knife skills instead of asking him to dance.  At least it allowed Freddy to get a good one-liner in at the end of her death scene.  Nevertheless, we’re honoring Taryn’s mohawk and because of that, she’s been enshrined into the class of Great Moments In Horror Hair History!  Now let’s celebrate her achievement by watching her onscreen demise:

Dirty Horror Presents: Good Scenes In Shitty Horror Sequels

An exploding parakeet.  A random homoerotic scene with a gym teacher in an S&M bar.  Terrible softball playing skills.  No, I’m not talking about a nightmare that I had the other night – but I am talking about scenes from A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge!  Yes, the 1985 sequel that had everyone scratching there heads until they were bloody had a lot of awful parts – and some ‘so awful they’re good’ parts as well in an 80’s horror kind of way.  But one scene in particular is near the top of my list for all time A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise moments:  The pool party scene.

One of the rare times (if not the only) that you can see Freddy just going off and mowing down a bunch of hapless victims at once.  Does it make much sense?  Hardly not.  But the whole movie pretty much doesn’t make any sense. I love this scene, and not just because of Freddy’s classic one-liners (“Help yourself, fucker!” and “You are all my children now!“), but because it redeemed the film just enough to keep it from being at the bottom of my A Nightmare On Elm Street sequel list.  That would be reserved for Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare.  At the end of the day though, A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 is a shitty sequel to a great horror movie and unfortunately there is no pool party slaughter scene or giant slimy tongue that can change that.