Limited ‘Alien’ Egg Chamber Action Playset Coming To Comic-Con!

Thank God that I have friends going to this year’s Comic-Con convention in San Diego, or else I would probably have zero chance of getting this:


That little girl is either really excited or is going to eat the figure she’s holding and then the little boy next to her.  That gorgeous piece of nostalgia there is a limited edition Alien Egg Chamber Playset, exclusive to those who stop by the Super7/ReAction booth at Comic-Con this year.  For a cool $100, this toy can be yours and you and your friends can start planning a Alien action figure party soon.  Speaking of the action figures, they’re not included in this set, which is kind of bogus.  Nevertheless, at only 250 pieces available, this will be one of the most sought after items this year at the convention.  Look for them to start popping up at Ebay for double the price soon!