Should You Buy Into The Hype Of ‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’?

You know what I hate?  Well, besides parking valets who fart in your car before giving it back to you.  I hate these marketing videos that mostly go along with horror movies where they show “actual” audiences screaming at the top of their lungs, covering their eyes, and borderline assaulting the person next to them.  It always comes off as desperate to me, especially when you throw the night vision effect in and it usually does not hold true at all when it comes to the actual movie.  Enter in Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.  Early screenings took place last week and the buzz is starting to build.  But is it all hype and no pay off?

If you look up info about these screenings that took place, most will say that the reaction was INSANE.  Yeah.  All capital letters, so you know it must be true. Only thing that would make it more INSANE is if I put it in bold like this: INSANE.  Now the hype just went up even more!  Not a huge fan of the Paranormal Activity movies, but I respect them and honestly brushed off The Marked Ones as a cash grab that didn’t really have anything to do with the previous movies.  And that was mostly due to the fact that Paranormal Activity 5 is coming out later in 2014.

But word on the overhyped street is that The Marked Ones answers a lot of questions from the previous four movies and ties up loose ends at the same time.  And those who have seen it say that the last 20 minutes are crazy.  Oh, excuse me.  I meant to say INSANE.  Could this movie be a pleasant little surprise for the New Year?  We shall see.  Until then, if you attended one of the recent screenings, watch for yourself overreacting in the inevitable night vision TV spots  that will soon be gracing your televisions.