And The Award For The Most Disturbing Horror Poster Of The Year Goes To……..


Make it stop!  Make it stop!!!!  Perhaps I’m overreacting because I’m deathly afraid of spiders, but this may be the most unnerving horror movie poster ever. Just glancing at it makes you envision what it would be and feel like to have your eyes forced open while tiny spiders crawl all over them and your face. Shudder.  Kudos to those involved with the marketing for Phobia and I’m not even sure if something like this happens in the actual movie, but based on the poster alone, I’ll be watching.

For those who are interested in seeing and knowing more about Phobia, it will be going the DVD route on November 25th.  I’m always down for supporting the indie horror films, and hopefully Phobia can live up to the hype of the poster. Check out the new trailer below too, but I’m sorry to report that no spiders on the eyeballs are shown.  I’m sure that you all are extremely crushed.