That Time That ‘Mannequin Toulon’ Creeped Me Out In ‘Puppet Master II’ (1991)

Mannequins:  Lifeless plastic beings that creep me out a lot more than they should.  I can remember feeling conflicted when I was a young boy and would see nude mannequins in department stores while shopping with my Mom.  Should I have covered my eyes? Should I have opened my eyes wider?  This is going off the rails quickly and I’m losing focus of my original statement, which is that mannequins can be creepy as fuck!  The movie Tourist Trap is good proof of that – but 1991’s Puppet Master II actually has one of the creepiest mannequins ever.  Behold!  Toulon The Mannequin!


Oh sure – he looks all suave and debonaire there in his fancy tuxedo.  But trust me, don’t let that fool you.  Toulon, if some of you don’t know, created most of the puppets in the Puppet Master franchise and in this particular scenario from Puppet Master II – he was resurrected and has transferred his soul into the mannequin at the end of the movie for some reason (there’s a twisted love story thrown in there somewhere).  Stupid plot aside, Toulon makes a creepy ass mannequin and is worth the price of admission alone to watch the movie in full.  Just don’t go on expecting much more in the series after this, unless of course you are a sucker for terrible sequels? (slowly raises hand)