News: Russian Synchronized Swimmers Perform To Suspiria Theme!

Ahhhh – the Olympics.  Michael Phelps and all of his flashy gold medals.  The elegance and grace of the trampoline competition.  GO USA!!  YEAH!  No, I’m not really an Olympic hater, but bring me back some new episodes of Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef already!  But as I scrolled through the news this morning, something caught my eye. The words Olympics and Suspiria used in the same sentence!  Apparently, the Russian Synchronized Swimming Duet Team do their performance to the sweet sounds of Goblin’s “Suspiria”.  Now before you have any Red Dawn flashbacks, let’s give these Russkies a chance.

*wtf did you say about Howard The Duck you commi bastard?!*

The performance is by Natalia Ischenko and Svetlana Romashina and unfortunately, this isn’t their actual Olympic performance.  This is from April 20, but hopefully the actual Olympic footage will pop up soon.  So sit back and enjoy watching two Russian women frolic and splash around in the pool to the creepy ass theme from Suspiria!