This ‘Sadako vs. Kayako’ Teaser Trailer Just Gave Me A Horror Boner……

Hi.  I’m Tony.  And I used to be a J-horroraholic.  I would binge watch any and every Japanese horror title back when it was the cool thing to do.  It got so bad that I finally had to go on the wagon and refrain from watching any creepy dark-haired Asian women crawling out of television sets.  But now my friends, I’m afraid I’m about to slip and go off that wagon.  Why you ask?  Because of this!

That’s right, I don’t know how to read Japanese either!  But I can tell that the movie is SADAKO VS. KAYAKO!!!  For those not following, it’s basically The Ring vs. The Grudge.  The teaser trailer is everything that it should be, including a lot of loud and unnecessary sounds and music.  Many will tote this as being the Japanese version of Freddy vs. Jason and I can agree with that, but I’m hoping that Sadako vs. Kayako is so bat-shit crazy and ridiculous that it will surpass the former on every level.  This looks like it will be released in June this year, so stay tuned to see if the actual movie lives up to the much deserved hype of the teaser trailer!

Give Me The Creeps: Television Scene In ‘Ringu’ (1998)

I know, I know.  The ending scene to The Ring in 2002 has been talked about to death, and in it’s own right it’s a pretty creepy scene – especially for a mainstream horror remake.  But let’s talk about the original Japanese 1998 version called Ringu for a minute.

I remember getting a bootleg DVD copy of Ringu off Ebay back in 1999.  This would catapult my Japanese horror obsession that would later include Audition, Shutter, and Ichi The Killer to name a few.  I remember watching Ringu for the first time late at night while eating a bag of Cheetos.  Don’t ask me how the hell I remember the Cheeto part, but they must have been memorable for me to.  I was pretty creeped out throughout the whole movie, and then the ending came…….

My biggest gripe with the ending of the remake version is the obvious CGI that’s involved when Samara is coming out of the TV at Noah.  Still creepy as a whole, but definitely not as creepy as the original.  And while the remake focuses more on Samara’s decaying, waterlogged body – the original seen above focuses on her missing fingernails while she’s crawling on the floor. Fingernail damage in movies always fucks me up.  I also love the more subtle ending of the scene from the original with Samara peeking her eye out of her hair instead of showing her whole face.  Sometimes less is more.  I’m glad I did this post by the way because it makes me want to revisit my Japanese horror collection.  Looks like A Tale Of Two Sisters is getting dusted off the shelf this weekend!