Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Debbie The Cockroach’ From ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 – The Dream Master’ (1988)

One of my worst fears besides having a snake bite me in the ass while I’m on the toilet, is being turned into a cockroach.  I despise cockroaches.  Ten times more than Tony Montana.  Which is why I felt so bad for poor Debbie in A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master because Freddy took cruel to a new level when he transformed her into one of those 6-legged fuckers.

Easily worthy of the spot on this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, Debbie’s death was creative, nasty, and one of the biggest achievements as far as practical effects go in the Elm Street franchise.  I’ll even take it one step further and say that I enjoy this sequel more than Dream Warriors.  Yeah, I said it, and there’s no going back now.  But this post is about Debbie The Cockroach.  So, let’s all take a look at her squishy demise, along with some of Freddy’s snappy one-liners, and applaud the use of practical effects in the 80’s!