Remember The ‘976-Evil’ Hotline Number??

Most of you probably answered ‘No’ to the question above. And some of you probably said “What the hell is 976-Evil??“. To answer the latter, 976-Evil is (in my opinion) an underrated 80’s horror gem directed by none other than Robert Englund! It’s also the name of a Deftones son, but I digress. And while the premise of the movie has to do with an actual Horrorscope hotline, it comes as no surprise that there was an actual 1-900 number you could call that was set up to promote the movie! Check it out below:

Ah yes. The ol’ “2 dollars for the first minute….get your parent’s permission, blah, blah, blah”. I’m actually surprised that 900 numbers haven’t made a comeback, since everything else in the 80’s has. Nonetheless, 976-Evil actually would have been a good one to call back then! Either that one or Freddie Freaker (look it up). In all seriousness, seek out 976-Evil if you haven’t seen it. It’s quintessential 80’s horror cheese. And Stephen Geoffreys gives a great performance in the midst of all of that cheese. Now I want cheese.

Get Ready – ‘Monsterpalooza’ Is Coming Back To Pasadena!!

Robert Englund. Bruce Campbell. Oh, do I have your attention now? Because if you choose to go to the always great….never duplicated….best convention around called Monsterpalooza this coming June 2nd through the 4th in Pasadena – you will have the chance to meet both of these horror icons! That’s right, Monsterpalooza is back and better than ever. It’s my favorite horror convention to frequent, and this year they have Freddy….Ash….and one of my favorites, Doug Jones….Kane Hodder….and more to still be announced!

Now, as of me writing this – there are VERY limited spots available for professional photo-ops with Robert and Bruce, but there are still plenty of other celebs you can snap a pic with AND get your favorite horror merch signed to boot. In addition to that – there will be cosplayers, tons of spooky vendors, makeup demonstrations and showcases, and panel Q&As with all of the already mentioned horror talent!

Just buy a 3-day pass and thank me later. And speaking of, you can go HERE to purchase your tickets. Be warned – they will sell out, so snatch em’ up now. Monsterpalooza is going to be the place to be in June, and you don’t want to regret it when you see all of your friends posting their super fun pics on social media. So hit the link above and get to it. I will scare you there!

Ebay Find Of The Week: ‘Elm Street’ Unofficial Glue!

Glue:  The underrated holiday gift.  Think I’m kidding?  Hardly.  I’m not horsing around and if you’re finding yourself in a sticky situation regarding those holiday gifts this year…….then a strange eBay listing has come to the listing.  Behold:  The unauthorized A Nightmare On Elm Street glue!


Oh, and it’s ‘multi-purpose’!  Just don’t eat it.  So anyway, yes – this is an actual thing.  And if you go on over to the eBay listing right HERE, then you can learn more about it.  There is some pretty nifty stuff on the back of the bottle having fun with the whole “1, 2….Freddy’s coming for you” rhyme.  While this is some rather expensive glue ($27), I have a feeling that the horror fan in your life might be ok with this being stuffed in their stocking.  Happy Holidays!