News: William Sadler and his bad ass Machete Kills poster!

This poster caught my eye for two reasons:  1.  William Sadler – nuff said  2. Machete Kills might have one of the best casts for a genre movie in a loooooooong time.  Like him or hate him, Robert Rodriguez knows what the people want with his Machete franchise – and he’s giving it to them!  Slight eye roll when I saw that Lady Gaga was added to the cast last week, but who knows, she might pull it off.  But on top of her and William Sadler are:  Alexa Vega (all growns up), Amber Heard, Sofia Vergara (hopefully a mute in the movie), Mel Gibson, Jessica Alba (hopefully also a mute this time around), Charlie Sheen, Michelle Rodriguez, Cuba Gooding Jr, Edward James Olmos, and of course Danny Trejo.  That’s one meaty, genre mashing sandwich!  So check out the poster below and get ready for Machete Kills in 2013!