News: Would You Buy This For A Dollar? New Robocop Remake Pic!

Let’s just skip the fanfare and get right to it.  Here’s your first pic from the new Robocop remake/reboot!

Ok then…..that’s a nice pic, but where the hell is Robocop?  Maybe he’s just still in his trailer getting ready, polishing up his bad ass suit, waiting to make a grand entrance and wow us all with his new updated look!  What’s that?  That is the new Robocop?! Hmmmm – ok.  Well, they get creative points for making him look more like Judge Dredd and nothing like Robocop.  My sarcasm runs thick through this post because obviously, no one got the memo that these remakes of our beloved 80’s classics needs to stop.  That Total Recall remake really worked out well for you guys, didn’t it?   Continue reading