Give Me The Creeps! Superman III (1983)

It’s time once again for my recurring feature where I tell you something that gave me the creeps from the world of horror cinema throughout my life.  Slight change of pace this time though, as I share with you something so frightening….so horrific….that words can barely describe how it tormented me as a child and left my bed wet on several occasions (you know it must be serious if I’m confessing a bed wetting problem).  The difference though, is that it’s not from a horror movie or even a movie that was remotely supposed to be scary.  Yes, this time around it’s from 1983’s Superman III! Being that it’s so shocking, I’m going to let you slowly scroll down and see the image from the scene in this non-classic movie that gave me the creeps!








Ummmmmm……okay.  Seriously?  What the fuck was I scared of this for? Because now that I think back on it, I had already been introduced to Michael Myers and The Exorcist………and this Richie Sambora looking robot made me wet my bed?  Mr. Roboto from Styx was scarier than this.    Continue reading