Dirty Horror Presents: “Oh God….” (The Uninvited – 1988)

There comes a time in an actor’s career, when he’s given dialogue that is so meaningful….so inspirational….so monumental, that it will resonate in the minds of anyone who absorbs it and comes in contact with it.  And this could not be anymore true than with the great George Kennedy as he appeared in the equally great, The Uninvited, a 1988 straight to video horror cinematic experience about a mutant cat that escapes from a test laboratory and terrorizes a group of passengers aboard a luxurious yacht.  Never before on screen has anyone utilized the two words “Oh God” to such degree that the emotion was literally flowing out of him.  But don’t take my word for it.  Behold the magic for yourself below.

Hmmmm.  It sure does sound like those involved in this movie just looped the same “Oh God” voiceover about five times because after close examination, it doesn’t even fit with what his mouth is actually saying.  Nevertheless – the clip still shows what kind of actor Mr. Kennedy really was.  Look at the sheer terror he conveys when his leg bursts open a little and then when his midsection starts to rise and everyone around him is eagerly anticipating a Xenomorph type chest explosion!  And then nothing happens.  Hmmm.  Guess he just died of a heart attack then.  Kind of anti-climatic if you ask me, but at least he gets a proper burial at sea as his body is tossed over the ship’s rail like a sack of potatoes.

I know what you’re asking yourself.  If this clip is this amazing, what is the rest of the movie like?  Rest easy tonight my friends, because I can tell you that the whole movie is just as amazing as ol’ George’s clip here and I’ll be highlighting more from this feline fuckery flick (say that 5 times fast) in the very near future! Can’t wait until then?  Then get your ass over to Cheezy Flicks and grab yourself a copy.