Motel Hell Vs. Hotel Hell! Is Gordon Ramsey “Inn” Trouble?

Controversy!  Scandal!  Intrigue!  All words that are clearly overhyping the story that I’m about to bring to you.  Upon our nightly routine of channel surfing, my wife and I stumbled upon the new Gordon Ramsey show Hotel Hell on Fox. We were excited by the thought of Mr. Ramsey creating yet another show, bringing his total close to 54 now I believe (give or take).  We continued to watch in amazement as he yet again critiqued food and employee conduct, as well as giving the viewing audience numerous shirtless and nude shots of himself, clearly trying to reel in the ladies (and some men) by showing a little skin and T&A.

*one, two, freddy’s coming for you*

But then when the show went to break, it happened……I finally saw the logo for Hotel Hell and the revelation was released upon us!  Gordon and his crew stole their logo from the 1980 horror underground classic Motel Hell!    Continue reading