Jealousy Alert: Anthrax’s Scott Ian Gets To Play In Greg Nicotero’s KNB FX Workshop

Well, I’m officially jealous.  Courtesy of Fangoria and Nerdist Industries, a new online video series called Fangoria’s Blood & Guts has hit.  The first episode, which I just now got to see unfortunately, shows legendary Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian visiting Greg Nicotero’s KNB FX studios.  Like a kid in a candy store, as most of us would be, Scott gets to scope out Greg’s extensive memorabilia collection (what I wouldn’t give for that Creepshow crate) and also gets to pummel some zombie heads and even run over one with his car!  This is an ongoing web series that Fangoria has going on, so check out their other episodes, but check out this episode with Greg Nicotero below!