Clive Barker’s ‘Nightbreed’ Finally Getting The Blu-ray Release It Deserves!

Today marks the day that proves your voice can actually be heard.  For years now, fans of Clive Barker’s 1990 film Nightbreed have petitioned both online and in the streets to get a release on Blu-ray/DVD of the version that Clive always intended you to see.  Unfortunately when the movie was released, the studio cut the shit out of it, so what we saw on the big screen and on video was not true to form.  But now, almost 25 years later, we can all dance around and rejoice because the great company Scream Factory and Clive Barker himself are finally bringing us the Director’s Cut of Nightbreed in all of it’s original glory!


I always loved this movie, but when I would watch it, I could tell that there had been heavy studio tinkering involved.  The story itself was original, the creatures mesmerizing, and when you have the great director David Cronenberg playing a sadistic killer who wears a badass mask – how can you go wrong?  The release of this version on Blu-ray/DVD is big news people and Nightbreed has a HUGE following which is only going to make the buzz bigger.  Let’s talk specs real quick, because there are two different options you can go for:

Limited Edition Set:

– Only 5000 numbered sets produced

– 3 Discs on Blu-ray (Unrated Director’s Cut, Original Theatrical Version, Bonus Disc With Loads Of Extras)

– Collector’s book with essays and rare photos

– Slipcase with new artwork approved by Clive Barker

– $79.97 price tag

Special Edition Set:

– Unrated Director’s Cut on Blu-ray with bonus features

– Unrated Director’s Cut on DVD

– Slipcase with new artwork approved by Clive Barker

– $23.93 price tag

If you pre-order the limited edition from Scream Factory HERE right now, you can get a very limited poster and one of the first 1000 numbered copies of the set.  Now, I know that the price tag of $79.97 seems a bit steep, but if you know the hard work and effort that has gone into making this release happen, it’s more than justified (I already pre-ordered mine btw).  Release date is in October, depending on which version you pre-order (limited edition ships two weeks earlier), so head on over to Scream Factory and snatch up your copy of Nightbreed before they’re gone and up on Ebay for twice the amount. Midian fans rejoice!


Scream Factory’s Got Worms! ‘Squirm’ Blu-ray Coming In October

Not many movies traumatized me as a kid, but Jeff Lieberman’s creepy-crawly 1976 flick Squirm definitely did.  I actually used to dig up worms in my backyard, but after seeing that movie – I scaled back on the digging due to being fearful a bunch of worms would somehow burrow into my face.

ScreenHunter_34 Jan. 31 02.15

Even though it creeped me out, Squirm holds a special place in my heart and I always loved that Mystery Science Theatre 3000 chose it as one of it’s movies to highlight.  So it brings me great pleasure to announce that the amazing Scream Factory will be releasing Squirm on glorious Blu-ray some time in October!  Now you get to watch those worms in hi-def awesomeness and probably will get some sweet bonus features and commentary too.  Can’t help but think of this clip when I hear about worms btw……

Dirty Horror’s 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

Sadly, 2013 is gone.  And we’ll never get to see her again.  Oh sure, we had our fun times and may have even objectified her a tad, but she’s gone like a stinky fart in the wind.  Enter in her replacement:  2014.  And to make 2014 feel welcome, especially in the horror blogging world, I’m going to give my New Year’s resolutions to make her feel wanted and loved and to make sure that I give her everything that I couldn’t give 2013.

Resolution #1:  Watch the first season and new season of Bates Motel

One of my regrets from 2013 was that I bailed early on AMC’s show, Bates Motel.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t into it mind you… was just that I got caught up in so many other shows, that I neglected it.  To make matters worse, I watched an entire season of that shit show Under The Dome, but didn’t give Bates Motel the time of day.  But not this year.  I’m watching the first season and giving the second season my undivided and full attention when it starts on March 3rd.  The lovely Vera Farmiga would want it that way.


Resolution #2:  I will try to have more of an open mind with horror remakes

Yeah.  I’m one of those horror fans.  The one who screams to the mountain tops when a remake is announced.  And I’ll admit, I tend to be a little set in my ways and hate for the sake of hating when it comes to remakes.  Not that I don’t give some their praise though (Maniac, Evil Dead), but the majority that do come out get an extra dose of shit piled on them from me.  See last year’s Carrie review for proof.  But this year, I want to change.  I want to (grits teeth hard) have hope for the Robocop remake.  I want to not roll my eyes when the new Poltergeist remake releases a trailer.  Seriously?!  They’re remaking Poltergeist!?  What the f*ck?!!!  Ok, this is gonna be harder than I thought.


Resolution #3:  Watch and listen to more commentary tracks on horror Blu-ray releases

Nothing irritates me more about myself than plucking down $25 for a new Blu-ray release, only to watch the movie and pay zero attention to the extras that are included.  Can’t explain why I do it, but I’m sure part of it is laziness and the other part has something to do with my constant ADD frame of mind.  This year, I want to appreciate and enjoy some of the extras that come with Blu-ray releases, especially the commentary tracks.  Companies like Scream Factory are busting their ass to give fans what the want with their releases, and here’s somebody like me sitting on his ass only watching the movie.  And to that I say (while semi-violently pumping my fist in the air):  It’s time for a change!


Resolution #4:  Try and get on board with the Paranormal Activity franchise  

Not one, but two new Paranormal Activity movies are coming out in 2014.  And judging from the list of horror movies that will be hitting the big screen this year, the Paranormal movies are looking more and more appealing.  But here’s the thing:  I don’t understand the love that these movies get.  I saw the first one.  Saw the third one as well.  Heard the fourth one was crap, so I didn’t bother.  But now I’m hearing all sorts of good buzz about Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones which comes out this week, so I feel it might be time for me to jump on board with this franchise.  If I was able to ride for seven straight Saw movies, I can surely give these found footage flicks a chance, right?  Of course I can!  I can do it!!!  Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.  Thanks, Stuart Smalley!

Scream Factory Does It Again: More Blu-Rays Announced!

In previous posts, I’ve given you the news that DVD/Blu-ray provider Scream Factory is bringing some forgotten, but heavily requested horror titles your way such as: TerrorVision, The Video Dead, and The Nest.  With no indication that they’ll be slowing down with the output, 6 more titles were just announced, and for most, it will be their first time on Blu-ray ever!  Here are the newbies to join the Scream Factory family:

The Fog (1980), The Burning (1981), The Howling (1981), Lifeforce (1985), Night Of The Comet (1984), Day Of The Dead (1985)

Aside from Day Of The Dead (which will have new special features attached), none of the other movies have seen the Blu-ray light of day.  Which equates to no double-dipping for the loyal horror fan like you!  I myself, can’t wait to pick up The Burning and The Howling.  Never did ever see Lifeforce and remember my Mom yelling at me to turn it off one Halloween night because there were abundant boobs on the screen.  Watch out for these Scream Factory titles in the near future and be sure to pick up some of the previously announced releases (TerrorVision, The Video Dead, The Nest, Prison, Death Valley) in the next few months!

*i don’t usually do this on the first date*

News: 80’s ZomCom ‘The Video Dead’ Finally Coming To DVD/Blu-Ray!

Thank you Scream Factory.  Thank you for bringing back another piece of my lame childhood!  First, news broke a few weeks ago that one of my cheesy horror favorites, TerrorVision, was finally coming to DVD.  Now my mind has been blown because it was just announced that Scream Factory is bringing you another one, with the 1987 cult classic The Video Dead!  I have fond memories of this one as I remember watching it numerous times on USA’s Up All Night.  That was a thing back in the 80’s/early 90’s if you don’t remember. As a young boy, I much preferred Rhonda Sheer and her big breasts over Gilbert Gottfried for obvious reasons.  But enough about my early puberty stages, let’s get back to The Video Dead!

*these new 3D televisions look amazing!*

This movie has it all:  Terror.  Intrigue.  Boobs.  Zombies With Irons Stuck In Their Head.  Comedy Hijinks.  A Bridezilla Zombie With A Chainsaw.  Horrible Acting.  And More Horrible Acting!    Continue reading