Give Me The Creeps: ‘Bed Scene’ From ‘Shutter’ (2004)

Back in the 2000’s, I was a J-horror junkie.  For those who may be confused, J-horror stands for ‘Japanese Horror’.  Now that we’re all on the same page, I can admit to you that these are really the only type of horror movies that truly give me the creeps.  Sure there are a lot of the same bits played over and over in J-horror movies with various spooky ghosts and long dark-haired girls, but there’s just something about the atmosphere that they always nail.  Speaking of, one of my favorites ever in the J-horror category is 2004’s Shutter (from Thailand more specifically), a story about a photographer who sees creepy images and shadows in his pictures and tries to understand why.

Yes, Shutter was terribly remade in American form in 2008, but the original is super spooky and the ‘bed scene’ definitely fits into that spooky category and gives me the creeps.  The ghost is kind of a cover hog though.  One thing I did learn from this movie aside from the fact that ghosts like to steal bed covers, is that if I have a lot of strain on my neck and shoulders –  I shouldn’t rule anything out as far as why it’s happening.  Watch the bed clip below and have sweet J-horror dreams!