Well Take A Look At This Creepy Ass Video For ‘Frankie Sinatra’ From ‘The Avalanches’…….

Forgive me for going a bit off the beaten horror path with this post, but one of my favorite albums ever was Since I Left You from The Avalanches, released back in 2000.  That was over 15 years ago, and the group (comprised of DJs and musicians) is preparing their second album titled Wildflower to be unleashed July 8th.

Now where’s the horror/creepy twist with this news you ask?  Well, The Avalanches just put out a video for their new single called ‘Frankie Sinatra’ and I suggest not taking drugs before you watch it.  With strong ties to the infamous Jonestown Massacre, there are definite horror undertones throughout – oh, and the song is a breath of fresh air too. Check it out below and judge for yourself!