Give Me The Creeps: Transformation Scene From ‘Strange Invaders’ (1983)

Nothing creeps me out more than watching a businessman rip his face off and turn into a hideous, big-eyed alien.  Well, maybe eating warm cottage cheese, but we’re talking apples and oranges here.  On this entry of Give Me The Creeps, I dive into a movie that holds a special place in my childhood heart, mainly because I was obsessed with it, much like I was obsessed with grape Now & Laters.  And that movie that shared my unhealthy candy obsession was 1983’s tongue-in-cheek alien flick, Strange Invaders.

I dig that poster.  Anyway, yes, Strange Invaders:  the movie about a small Midwest town that is inhabited by strange aliens and Paul Le Mat comes to save the day.  I’m beginning to understand my obsession with this movie more now.  I grew up in a small Midwest town in Indiana.  And some of the people in my town could have very well been aliens. Oh my god.  Was my neighbor Mr. Zagrovich who he really said he was??!!  I may never know.  But what I do know is that the first transformation scene in the movie gave me the creeps when I was a kid.  Gotta love practical effects, and I dug the classic style they went with as far as the alien’s overall look. The scene creeped me out then, but not so much now.  One thing’s for sure though, the next time I visit back home, I’ve got my eye on you Mr. Zagrovich.