Review: The 2023 ‘Spooky Swap Meet’! (Los Angeles)

It’s halfway to Halloween and you know what that means………it’s Spooky Swap Meet time again in LA!! Or, I should say – it WAS Spooky Swap Meet time in LA and if you missed it then that is a damn shame. But anyway – yes, the annual super spooktacular tradition set up shop again at the Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles. And I’ve said it before – this place provides the PERFECT backdrop for this event. I mean, who doesn’t love a hauntingly good old Victorian house??

Not only were there over 60 vendors selling everything from creepy-faced pies to ghoulishly groovy candles – there was even a mini-walkthrough haunted house courtesy of Fear Farm! In addition to that, scare actors were roaming the grounds…..there were picture opportunies galore (you could even wear some traditional ghost sheets for a photo-op in front of one of the houses)…..and did I mention the creepy-faced pies??

All in all, another successful Spooky Swap Meet, and kudos to everyone who helped put it together. The addition of the mini haunted house was a plus this year, so I would love to see maybe one more added next year. And some more pies. Because I love pies if you couldn’t already tell. So… I’m giving you fair warning in advance. Like, 363 days in advance. DO NOT miss it next year and get your tickets early, because they will sell out! And I’ll scare you there!!

Review: Spooky Swap Meet 2022 In Los Angeles!

Halloween is six months away. It seems like an eternity to most of us All Hallows’ Eve fanatics. So we relish in any and every opportunity to get into the spirit before October rolls around. And if you were in LA this past weekend, you were able to get your fix (and then some) because the Spooky Swap Meet returned once again to the Heritage Square Museum!

I must confess – this was my first time experiencing the Spooky Swap Meet…..and I left with my Halloween heart filled with joy, and also the bag I brought was filled with T-shirts and other spooky trinkets that I purchased from the many amazing vendors there. One of the things that makes this event that more special is that it takes place at the Heritage Square Museum, which is comprised of old Victorian-style houses to further set the mood!

When I walked in, I immediately felt like it was October. Frightfully delicious decor was everywhere, and they were even handing out little bags to go trick-or-treating at the houses! Not only that, but there were creepy characters walking about (some on stilts) – so it truly felt like a Halloween-time celebration. As I eluded to earlier, there were plenty of vendors to satisfy your urge to add to your horror-themed wardrobe and overall collection. I would honestly love to see what this experience could be like at night as well, so maybe they can make that happen in the future.

When the Spooky Swap Meet returns, please make sure to check it out. Stay connected to their social media and keep an eye out on their site HERE. Thank you to everyone who helped put this together, because now my Halloween scratch has been itched!