Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Steamroller Death’ From ‘Maximum Overdrive’ (1986)

There is a problem that is plaguing the world that no one seems to want to talk about.  And that problem is:  Steamrollers.  Not just any kind of steamroller though, because that would be boring.  I’m talking about the kind of steamrollers that are able to operate on their own and hunt down small kids who play Little League baseball and then run them over.

On this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, I’m taking a trip to Stephen King’s first and only time in the director’s chair.  It’s all about Maximum Overdrive and even though Mr. King should definitely stick to writing and leave the directing to someone else, he sure knows how to film a kid getting squashed by a maniacal steamroller.  Feast your eyes below and pour some liquor out for that little guy while you’re at it.

Sunday Bloody Sunday: ‘Soda Pop Can To The Head’ From Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Oh crap.  Machines have taken over the world!  And no one is safe – not even a baseball coach trying to get his Little League team some after game sodas. Yes, this is the setup for this week’s Sunday Bloody Sunday and it’s from the 1986 guilty pleasure, Maximum Overdrive.  Written and directed by Stephen King for those of you keeping track at home.  The cheese is extra thick in this one and if you can turn your brain off and accept it for what it is, I guarantee you’ll have a good time.  Lots of memorable scenes, but the one that always sticks out to me is the ‘death by soda can’ one.

Starting in a comical way, the killer soda machine goes the Three Stooges route and spits the cans out at the coach, hitting him in the family jewels as the kids laugh and have a good time.  Then things turn nasty when said coach gets a can hurled at his dome and drops to the ground and the cans immediately start whizzing through the air, trying to take out the little shits.  A steamroller even enters the scene and flattens one of the kids.  Heartwarming. So reminisce with me in picture form before the days of Youtube and if you love Maximum Overdrive as much as me, shout it to the skies people!

*here’s your change asshole*


*who’s gonna want me now?*


*put me in coach, I’m ready to play*