‘The Oddities Flea Market’ Is Coming Back To Los Angeles October 23rd & 24th!

As a lover of anything creepy and/or unusual, I am very excited that The Oddities Flea Market is coming back to downtown Los Angeles on October 23rd & 24th!  If you’ve never been, then now is the time to prepare your eyes and your wallet.

You’re reading that correctly, folks! Oddities Flea Market returns to Los Angeles’s historic Globe Theatre, live and in-person, October 23rd and 24th! 

Prepare to be dazzled by wonders unimagined! Shop three curated floors of medical history ephemera, anatomical curiosities, natural history items, osteological specimens, taxidermy, home decor, jewelry, one-of-a-kind art, and much more.

In compliance with health and safety measures, they are releasing a limited number of timed tickets each day.

If you want to grab your tickets now (which is recommended), go HERE and snatch them up!

And for more info in general about The Oddities Flea Market, head over HERE to stay in the loop.