News: Halloween Horror Nights Adds Another Maze! And It Includes…….Dubstep?!?

Now if any of you know me, you know I look forward to one thing every year…..something monumental…..something that I cherish and always will…..a special moment in my life that I can look back and reflect on………………….my wedding anniversary?  Pffft – no (kidding honey, kidding!)  It’s Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights!  And if you’ve read my blog, you know I’ve already done a post on the new La Llorona maze coming this year.  A few days ago, Universal dropped the info on another maze to be added, a re-imaging of Universal’s classic horror icons called Universal Monsters Remix.  Oh – I forgot to mention that it’s all set to the fear inducing sounds of Dubstep!  Check out the frightening font for the logo below if you dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok…..Halloween Horror Nights – let’s talk for a minute.   Now you know I love you.  You know that I love seeing you every year and I even open the car door for you and kiss you on the cheek at the end of the night because I’m a gentleman.  And I understand that you never know what to do with the space containing House Of Horrors (which runs year round at Universal Studios), but I feel betrayed by you and hope we don’t have to break up because of it.    Continue reading