Anticipation Alert: The Collection (2012)

Thanks to the torture porn movement of the Hostel and Saw franchises, a little nasty flick called The Collector was spawned in 2009 from writer/director Marcus Dunstan. Given his screenplay credits on the later Saw movies, the influence was apparent on this under the radar gem that was filled with enough gore, cleavage, and insects to keep the average horror fan happy.  We followed Arkin (Josh Stewart) as he plotted a heist at his new boss’ home to repay a debt to his ex-wife.  Unknown to him however was that a masked madman/exterminator had booby-trapped the house and had plans of his own that involved collecting (hence the title) the homeowners and sitting down and playing Lite Brite with them.  Just kidding – he tortured them repeatedly with pliers, fish hooks, and cockroaches.  Yay!

*righty tighty, lefty loosey*

Needless to say, our hero Arkin escapes (spoiler alert!), but then gets captured again at the end.  What a bummer.  Which brings me to the sequel, The Collection, that is coming out later this year and is once again being written and directed by Marcus Dunstan. It picks up where the last left off, and involves Arkin being blackmailed into teaming up with mercenaries to track down our pesky exterminator/torturer and save a hot girl named Elena who has been “collected”.  I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but we’ll just leave that carrot dangling in front of your nose for now.  Expect more nastiness and hopefully some of the great atmosphere and imagery that made the first one stand out as more than just another Saw knockoff.  The torture porn genre may have overstayed it’s welcome and come and gone, but I for one will welcome it back with The Collection.  Check out a still and the international poster below and stay tuned for a trailer soon!

*isn’t it bad manners to talk with a giant meat hook in your mouth?*