Last Chance To Get This ‘The House Of The Devil’ Clamshell VHS!

As a horror memorabilia collector, I’m always on the lookout for the next little nugget that I can put next to my Clint Howard autographed VHS copy of Ice Cream Man.  A while back, I remember stumbling upon a ‘limited edition’ clamshell VHS copy of the 2009 movie The House Of The Devil.  Sadly, it sold out before I could grab one, but it looks like there are now 7 left up on the Gorgon Video website!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 8.02.15 AM

I always loved the big clamshell VHS cases.  Sure they were bulky and sometimes wouldn’t fit on your shelf, but there’s something about the nostalgia of them that gets a thumbs up from me every time.  And add to that the fact that The House Of The Devil is one of my favorite horror movies from the last decade, and this is a win-win combination! So if you would like to snatch up one of the last 7 remaining copies, head on over to the Gorgon Video website HERE and go for it.  And then head to eBay and grab a VHS player so you can play it.

Review: The Sacrament (2014)

Having a rough life?  Are you down because you lost your job and your wife left you?  Don’t worry!  Come on down to ‘Eden Parrish’ and drink your troubles away.  Just be prepared to die a quick, agonizing death because there is cyanide in that drink.  Welcome to director Ti West’s new film, The Sacrament, which is basically a modern day re-telling of the Jonestown massacre from the 70’s the revolved around a crazy religious commune in South America.    Continue reading

Holy Shit Horror: ‘Are You Not The Babysitter?’ From ‘The House Of The Devil’ (2009)

I love being startled by something unexpected in a horror movie.  It lets me know that I need to be kept on my toes and be ready for anything.  Kind of like when young Regan in The Exorcist was inappropriately banging herself with a crucifix.  Definitely a “Did that just really happen?” kind of moment.  In 2009, director Ti West gave us one of those moments in his fantastic slow-burn horror movie, The House Of The Devil.

I love this film, but it’s one that you have to be patient with.  And if you have the patience, you’ll be rewarded with scenes like the one where Megan (Greta Gerwig) is confronted by Victor Ulman (A.J. Bowen) as she tries to enjoy a cigarette while sitting in her car.  It will make you think of ducking if someone ever stops you and asks “Are you not the babysitter?

Now there have been a lot of ‘gunshot to the head’ death scenes in horror movies over the years, but that one just might be my favorite.  Obviously you know that something is probably going to happen to Megan, but it’s the sheer suddenness of it all that puts this headshot on the top of the list for me and made me say “Holy shit!“.  Poor Megan.  She probably wishes she had stuck around and ate some more pizza instead of leaving and getting her nicotine fix. They sure do like pizza in this movie by the way.


Anticipation Alert: Ti West’s ‘The Sacrament’

With news that casting for Ti West’s new horror flick The Sacrament has been completed and has officially starting shooting in Georgia, my anticipation meter just peaked.  Did I mention that Eli Roth is also producing?  Nothing is known yet about the plot for The Sacrament, as it’s being heavily guarded and kept under wraps, which makes my anticipation even higher!  Judging from the title and the definition of a ‘sacrament’, a safe bet would be that it will have some religious under or overtones. Mere speculation at this point, but what isn’t speculated is that Ti West has become one my favorite horror writer/directors in the last few years, giving us gems like The Roost, The Innkeepers, and my personal fav, The House Of The Devil.

*don’t cry, dry your blood soaked eyes…here comes your mother with those two little guys*

Joining the cast for The Sacrament is genre favorite AJ Bowen (The House Of The Devil, The Signal), Joe Swanberg (V/H/S), Kentucker Audley (V/H/S), Amy Seimetz (The Signal), and Gene Jones (You’re Next).  How awesome of a name is Kentucker by the way?  Anyway, watch for more news on The Sacrament as it hits, and do yourself a favor tomorrow for Halloween and pop in Ti West’s The House Of The Devil for some required viewing!